Thutmose EP

by Dark Chronicle

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The ambition, rage and toil of five Pharaohs across two centuries of one of the most famed Egyptian dynasties.
Influenced by Charach Angren, Advent Sorrow, Dimmu Borgir, al-Namrood, Narjahanam, Odious, Ade, Ex Deo and Nile.


released March 25, 2015

All parts performed by Warblade. all contributions to compositions are stated for each track. Orchestra and Drums are programmed.



all rights reserved


Dark Chronicle Gravesend, UK

Folk metal with a historic and mythological undertone, combined with the dark sound of black metal, but inspired by numerous other elements.

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Track Name: Omen of the Ibis
An omen approaches, as the sky is filled with the Ibis from high
Whispers of forces gathered to revolt the time for war is nigh

Damned Oppressors The Hyksos scourge
Foreign invaders in the north to all be purged

Vicious expulsion by the sword and axe
Reclaim the lands from which these savages attack
Contemptuous, vengeance unto thee
My father's blood to fall; this land once more be free

By Ahmose, the first of his name
A new found dynasty for centuries to reign
Forged in bloodshed, a glorious campaign
the rise of Egypt remembered to this day

As signs foretell of slaughter,
flying through the heavens
Heed their calls across the sky
On the sands afar,
through the dunes we'll march
It's the Omen of the Ibis
Track Name: Arise to Legend
A new age dawns upon us
and new beginnings
Overthrown, once tyrants, now
extinguished, we replace

Upon the nile,
blood to soak its banks
Now taught in war, barbarity and violence we embrace

Arise to legend through bloody toil
Those once suppressed become the oppressors
Taught of vengeance, ambition, wrath and hate
To teach in war, through conquest was their fate

And so it was by Pharaoh's will, put to the torch
Villages to ashes bones to dust.
mass destruction, across the ancient world
as we tread upon them, none shall dare to prey on us forevermore

By single combat, slain a chief of kush
his corpse upon a ship, for all to stare in fear
Ordained warlord
and grand conqueror
Who with seas of blood,
washed the golden lands of Nubia

Decades passed, one hero lost to time
until at last, emerges one to rise

Born of he Hatshepsut be
a daughter of the Nile
Unrestrained by hand of fate
ascended ever high

Arise to Legend
Through bloody toil
None to challenge this one
Through boldness made herself royal
Track Name: Burning Sun (The Lost Souls)
Deep in the desert
Where the sun burns
Through blazing fire
A hell of sandstorms

In Seth's domain, nothing lies here
it's barren and dry
Dust in the air, asphyxiation
Desolate of life

Burning Sun...

Those who fall outside the homeland beware,
the sands shall swallow your soul
Forced to roam the burial grounds denied
your place within duat's fold

The lost souls,
forever denied
They drift far,
from duat
The lost souls,
forever denied
Far from death
Far from life

By tools of metal, my mouth is opened in sight of the gods
By spells of Thoth the bonds of Seth are vanquished
My eyes are opened unto the light once more
Track Name: Thutmose
I, the son of Ra
his strength I own
My deeds will be carved
in stone...

Here I stand, chosen by the gods
In howling wind and baptised in blood
Here I stand over the corpses far echoes my name

Driven by zeal
I feast on fear

Suppressed so long, the pretender,
Now she rots

Those who dared to stand before me
Have answered to wrath and fury
My time has come, all battles won
See all rebellion fall
They thought me coy
They thought me weak
My rule naive
my nature meak
I rose above, as victor standing tall
My glory known to all

Let those who think they know the way better than I
Follow their own path and leave the spoils for me
It shall be known when I return from my grand conquest
the brave who followed and those who turned to flee

Pharaoh of Egypt
My unsullied legacy remains
Track Name: As If From Akert's Depths
We advance slowly, for we approach a narrow gorge,
as if from Akert's depths was forged
On orders of a boy king, our lives at risk
we traverse a hidden valley, his words linger in our ears

Beloved by Ra and exalted
In the eyes of Amun; praised I be
Along the path shall I march,
to Aruna

Close together so silently we tread
Still inviting an attack
as the darkness looms ahead
From the opening above
blinding rays shine from the sun

Dust falls from the walls above,
disturbing our uneasy peace
Some men ready their swords,
others plea for mercy of the gods
Chaos ensues could we meet our fate here?
Victory hopeless as all hope turns to fear

Still we stand, awaiting, as we find there's nothing here
all but wind has caused our fear
No fighting to be done here, we travel on
through the gorge of Aruna, our foes await so near

Beloved by Ra and exalted
In the eyes of Amun; praised I be
Along the path shall I march,
to Aruna

In this valley, again we've cheated death
all but dust and rock around us
By the gods we have been blessed
Through Aruna we walk,
still unknown to our foe
Track Name: In Time; By Aten
Aten guide me
Oh blinding light
For all around us
Corruption I see
My power stolen by those who serve the gods
All shall be mine, in time by Aten my decree

Judged by successors, subject and king all stare alike
My own kingdom, my own temples, my name to shine
Though 42 divines, may judge me they judge in vein
For all remember, that it was I who truly reigned

Dare to condemn me
for I went where no
pharaoh dared go before
All eyes upon me
I outgrew the gods
and became the sun who burns
among the stars

To tear down
To vanquish
To obliterate all I've become
No matter how hard you try
My nature, remains unchanged

Aten guide me
Oh blinding light
My own champion,
and divine prodigy
Aten guide me
Guide me through the night
To challenge the gods
by my own might