Arise to Legend

from by Dark Chronicle



A new age dawns upon us
and new beginnings
Overthrown, once tyrants, now
extinguished, we replace

Upon the nile,
blood to soak its banks
Now taught in war, barbarity and violence we embrace

Arise to legend through bloody toil
Those once suppressed become the oppressors
Taught of vengeance, ambition, wrath and hate
To teach in war, through conquest was their fate

And so it was by Pharaoh's will, put to the torch
Villages to ashes bones to dust.
mass destruction, across the ancient world
as we tread upon them, none shall dare to prey on us forevermore

By single combat, slain a chief of kush
his corpse upon a ship, for all to stare in fear
Ordained warlord
and grand conqueror
Who with seas of blood,
washed the golden lands of Nubia

Decades passed, one hero lost to time
until at last, emerges one to rise

Born of he Hatshepsut be
a daughter of the Nile
Unrestrained by hand of fate
ascended ever high

Arise to Legend
Through bloody toil
None to challenge this one
Through boldness made herself royal


from Thutmose EP, released March 25, 2015
Music by Warblade. Lyrics by Braig and Warblade.



all rights reserved


Dark Chronicle Gravesend, UK

Folk metal with a historic and mythological undertone, combined with the dark sound of black metal, but inspired by numerous other elements.

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