Omen of the Ibis

from by Dark Chronicle



An omen approaches, as the sky is filled with the Ibis from high
Whispers of forces gathered to revolt the time for war is nigh

Damned Oppressors The Hyksos scourge
Foreign invaders in the north to all be purged

Vicious expulsion by the sword and axe
Reclaim the lands from which these savages attack
Contemptuous, vengeance unto thee
My father's blood to fall; this land once more be free

By Ahmose, the first of his name
A new found dynasty for centuries to reign
Forged in bloodshed, a glorious campaign
the rise of Egypt remembered to this day

As signs foretell of slaughter,
flying through the heavens
Heed their calls across the sky
On the sands afar,
through the dunes we'll march
It's the Omen of the Ibis


from Thutmose EP, released March 25, 2015
Music and lyrics by Warblade



all rights reserved


Dark Chronicle Gravesend, UK

Folk metal with a historic and mythological undertone, combined with the dark sound of black metal, but inspired by numerous other elements.

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