from by Dark Chronicle



I, the son of Ra
his strength I own
My deeds will be carved
in stone...

Here I stand, chosen by the gods
In howling wind and baptised in blood
Here I stand over the corpses far echoes my name

Driven by zeal
I feast on fear

Suppressed so long, the pretender,
Now she rots

Those who dared to stand before me
Have answered to wrath and fury
My time has come, all battles won
See all rebellion fall
They thought me coy
They thought me weak
My rule naive
my nature meak
I rose above, as victor standing tall
My glory known to all

Let those who think they know the way better than I
Follow their own path and leave the spoils for me
It shall be known when I return from my grand conquest
the brave who followed and those who turned to flee

Pharaoh of Egypt
My unsullied legacy remains


from Thutmose EP, released March 25, 2015
Music by Warblade. Lyrics by Braig and Warblade.



all rights reserved


Dark Chronicle Gravesend, UK

Folk metal with a historic and mythological undertone, combined with the dark sound of black metal, but inspired by numerous other elements.

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